AACHE 30th Annual Conference Agenda

Location: Everest College Phoenix
10400 N. 25th Ave, Suite 190, Phoenix, AZ
Date: November 14, 2014

Theme: The Importance of Latino Education: It’s Impact on the Economy

8:00am                          Registration

9:00am                          Welcome by AACHE President
–                                        Ms. Patricia Guillen and Everest College President

9:15am                            Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): Getting Latino Students through College
–                                         Mr. Constantino López and VOICES

10:00am                        Panel: The Power of Latinos Working Together (An interactive discussion and presentation including historical videos)

–                                        Ms. Patricia Guillen, Mr. Constantino López, Dr. José Cisneros, Dr. Cleopatria Martínez

11:00am                        Keynote Speaker: Alberto Ríos, Inaugural Poet Laureate of Arizona

12:15am                        Lunch

1:00pm                          Nomination & Election of Officers for 2014-2015 and Scholarship Presentations
–                                       Ms. Patricia Guillen, AACHE President

1:30 pm                        Presentation: Undocumented Student Resilience
–                                      Dr. José Cisneros, Phoenix College

2:30 pm                       Presentation: Latinos in the USA
–                                     Mr. Carlos Agüero, People of Color Network,

3:30 pm                       Closing – Ms. Patricia Guillen, AACHE President
–                                     Planning session for next year and 31st Annual Conference

(Board members and members invited)